What’s It Means To Be “Consumer-Centric”?

Jerry Elprin

Digital Health

November 7, 2017

What’s It Means To Be “Consumer-Centric”?

Healthcare today has become a “product”…or rather an assortment of products and services that like any other have to compete for customers. That means not only having to attract customers, but also earn their trust, repeat business and, hopefully, referrals, all of which require what’s called a “consumer-centric” focus.
The challenge in healthcare, according to Oliver Wyman Health’s Patrick Barlow and John Rudey, is to broaden providers’ traditional narrow focus on their own product or service to encompass the entire patient-experience spectrum, from how they go about choosing providers and making appointments to filling prescriptions, following diet, medication and exercise regimens, and then paying for it all.
Being “consumer-centric,” however, remains an emerging concept in healthcare they say. While the current healthcare system “excels at solving acute illnesses, it is far less effective at maintaining overall health and wellness.”
One solution they suggest is to think of the consumer’s path through the healthcare system as a series of personal motivations or “jobs” to be done. For example, a golfer doesn’t just want a joint replacement, he wants to be able to enjoy the game without pain.
Viewing healthcare this way enables providers to think more broadly about the end results that motivate patients and how best they can help them manage both their own and their family’s health.
In fact, one particular step they talk about has to do with supporting consumers as they care for others, including the growing population of aging parents, which is one of the “jobs” ICmed’s Enterprise Platform and mHealth application are designed to do by helping consumers monitor, keep track of and share family health and financial information in ways that improve both the lives and roles of caregivers.
This approach they hope will spur a broader, more consumer-centric focus in healthcare, while products like ICmed’s make it easier to help consumers take care of their own and their family’s health…and get the job done.

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