What is ICmed?

ICmed is a family centric social platform for managing family health. ICmed provides a place to conveniently store information that is crucial to your family’s health. A unique sharing capability allows for collaboration, whether it be parents raising children, spouses taking care of each other, or adult siblings sharing in the care for an elderly parent.

The IC in ICmed stands for intelligent care. ICmed empowers you to care for your family's current and future health by providing educational content based on your health risks. We call this TEA.

Is ICmed a personal health record (PHR)?

ICmed allows you to track health information that influences your health, but is not a PHR. You can monitor vitals, medications, weight, BMI, glucose levels, health insurance information, care provider contacts, family medical history, current health conditions, and more. ICmed focuses on the factors that drive health outcomes.

Why is family medical history so important?

Family medical history is 1 of 8 health risk factors critical to your well-being. Having an accurate accounting of your family medical history can help you adjust your lifestyle in ways that can lower your risk of health issues in the future.

Can I manage other family member records?

Yes, ICmed allows you to set up a managed record for family members. It also allows you to transfer custody of the record to another family member. You can transfer ownership to your children when they go off to college. If your parents create a record, they can transfer it to you when they are unable to manage their own care.

What is TEA?

TEA is Targeted Educational Assistance delivered to you with valuable health information for you and your family. TEA learns from your family medical history, current health status, and health trends to proactively deliver educational content pertinent to your health.

Can I trust TEA? What is the source?

TEA is created from evidence based sources, such as the NIH Library of Medicine, and reviewed by ICmed's Independent Clinical Advisory Board (ICAB). Our ICAB is comprised of medical doctors and health experts.

Who can see my data?

ICmed is a private system in which you own your health information and only you can see your data.

As you add network connections, you have complete control of who you include and what data you allow to be viewed. You choose the info you share with your network, including your parents, your adult children, and your extended family.

You have the ability to share information on your terms. You can choose what info to share, who can see it, and for how long. For example, if you have someone care for your children for a weekend, he/she can be granted access to your children’s health records, insurance information, and even your doctor's contact info, for a few hours or a few days.

Your health information can also be shared with a doctor or daycare provider. If they do not have the ICmed app, you can share your info in multiple ways. See sharing my health information to a physician at an office or ER.

Is my data in ICmed covered by HIPAA?

You own your health information; your data stored in ICmed can be shared if you choose to do so. HIPAA does not apply to your ICmed data.

How does ICmed keep my data secure?

ICmed operates in a secure cloud environment and encrypts all data. All data communication between the app and our servers are done through a 256bit AES encrypted channel to ensures maximum security.

Will ICmed look at or share my data?

ICmed's privacy policy located here states that ICmed employees will not view your data without your stated permission, and we will not share your information in any identifiable form.

Can I get my medical records from my doctor?

There are several options available to patients for collecting personal health information. The most important thing to know is that you have a right to your medical information under HIPAA, and your doctor(s) and/or health system(s) are obligated to provide you with your data in a format you request.

We recommend you visit getmyhealthdata.org, to find a complete "how to" description of getting your health data and your rights to receive it.

How do I share my health information to a physician at an office or ER?

Not all doctors have electronic medical record systems that are capable of receiving data directly from ICmed. If the doctor's office downloads the ICmed app, you can share information with your doctor directly. Otherwise ICmed provides a convenient way to email or print out your information so that you can provide it to your doctor.

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