Keeping us together

Long before the age of mobile phone apps, four women - the Kelsey sisters - who were living across three different states, wanted a way to track all the health developments they were experiencing, along with their parents. To do this, whenever one of them encountered a health problem or got important news from the doctor, they would add the details to a typed document and send it to each other through email.

This gave them very helpful insights into their family health history, which they often shared the details with their physicians. However, over the years, it became tough to manage the document via email. One of the women sought for an easier way and asked her husband, a tech entrepreneur, to create a solution. This was the beginning of ICmed.

ICmed is a mobile and web platform that allows you to track the health of those you care about and learn from your personal and family health history.

In 2011, an initial version of ICmed was released, allowing people to store personal health records on their phone or tablet. Many users started asking for additional features. Listening carefully to their suggestions, in 2014, we began reimagining a beautiful and more comprehensive mobile and cloud-based version to include the whole family.

Our goal is simple. We want to share an easy and fun technology solution, inspired by the Kelsey sisters to help everyone live a better life.

Meet Our Team

Anil Kshepakaran

CEO & Founder

  • 20 years Entrepreneur
  • Mentor & Innovator
  • University of Maryland

James J. Jacobsen, CPA


  • 20 years in Accounting Finance
  • Lead New Business Initiatives Group
  • University of Baltimore

Gregory H. Pelton, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

  • Professor, Researcher
  • Columbia University
  • Yale University

Patrick A. O’Shea

Chief Revenue Officer

  • Deutsche Bank / Alex Brown
  • BB&T Capital Markets / Healthcare Investments
  • University of Virginia

Christopher Hayes

Senior Advisor - Business Development & Global Strategy

  • 20+ years in business strategy, biz dev
  • Global market entry specialist
  • Expert mental modeling behavior change technology
  • George Washington University, George Mason

Michael T. McCurdy, M.D.

Senior Advisor

  • Director of Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program
  • University of Maryland Medical Center
  • Clinician, Researcher, Educator
  • Univ. of Notre Dame, Univ. of Texas

Jeff Mason

Senior Advisor

  • CEO Decisionaire, Sequoia Software
  • Content Marketing Influencer
  • Loyola University, Penn State

Nirav G. Shah, MD, FCCP

Senior Advisor

  • Director, Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellowship Program
  • Course Dir., Pathophysiology & Therapeutics Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Univ. of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • St. George’s University

Yaya J. Fanusie

Senior Advisor

  • 7 years Central Intelligence Agency
  • Founder of digital Communications Firm
  • Columbia University, UC Berkeley

Stephen C. Suffin, M.D.

Senior Advisor

  • Former VP CLO Quest Diagnostics
  • Entrepreneur
  • UCLA

Jan Oldenburg

Senior Advisor

  • Co-Chair, HIMSS Connected Health Committee
  • Thought Leader on Personal Health Engagement
  • Luther College

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