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March 25, 2020


ICmed enhances physician & patient communication with a comprehensive virtual health solution

Mobile Health Company ICmed Enhances Virtual Health Assessments with COVID-19 Screening Tools

Baltimore, Maryland, March 25, 2020 - As the healthcare industry rapidly shifts from in-person visits to virtual assessments due to the infectious risks from the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), ICmed, LLC has enhanced their mobile health platform to provide targeted patient screening and remote assessments. Not only is the digital health company adding timely features, but they are providing these tools at no cost during an ​extended trial period​.

“I am proud to roll-out features that assist doctors in meeting patient demand and allow healthcare professionals to continue to perform their vital daily functions without interruption,” said Anil Kshepakaran, ICmed’s CEO.​.

Allowing for connectedness during times of social distancing, ICmed links patients, caregivers, and doctors to ensure optimal health outcomes. The patient-facing mobile application allows patients to take a COVID-19 health screening, track symptoms, and virtually “check-in” on family members. The secure and customizable Enterprise platform for physicians allows for virtual visits, secure chat, and robust symptom tracking. The platform is ideal for individual patients, small physician groups, and large health systems.

As patients with chronic illness avoid healthcare settings due to the risk of acquiring a communicable disease and physicians try to manage complex health issues remotely, the timing is ideal for a digital health option that allows for more than just telemedicine. “ICmed has always had a platform that promotes immediately available and high-quality virtual health. Our improvements allow patients and providers to communicate quickly and without the risks of unknowingly transmitting infections. Though our product is able to be rapidly scalable to meet the demands of today, our secure platform and HIPAA compliance allow for continued use after the current crisis is under control,” Kshepakaran emphasized. ICmed is focused on assisting patients, families, and doctors meet the needs of today while delivering a system that will allow for ongoing information sharing and medical connectedness.

For more information about ICmed, please visit, on Twitter at @ICmedonline and on Facebook at