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Have Peace of Mind…
Everything is all in one place.

As a busy working mother of three kids, Angela wants one place to go to for all her children’s medical information. "It sure would make things easier," she thinks, "Especially with all those school forms...and that clipboard every time we go to a new doctor."
With ICmedTM, Angela has instant access to her kids' critical health info, like immunization records, medications, allergies, test results, medical notes, even doctors visits! And, it's all secure and cloudbased so she has the peace of mind it's securely available whenever and wherever she--or anyone caring for her kids--needs it. "When I go away on a business trip, it's good to know my kids will be safe...The information is all there, just in case."
Best of all? Angela controls access. With ICmedTM, she has a single place to manage her family’s health. Plus, as her kids mature and eventually leave home, they can manage their ICmedTM profiles directly, with their childhood health history intact and always accessible.

Make more memories…
Know your family medical history.

Geri remembers her mother fondly. "She was an incredible woman," she says. "She left us way too soon."
Thanks to ICmedTM, Geri learned that not only her mother suffered from breast cancer, her aunt and cousin do today as well!  "I had no idea this was such a family issue. I'm going to get myself checked out."
With information at her fingertips, Geri can share a more complete picture with her doctor, and get ahead of potential problems in the future.

Care for them...
No matter where you happen to be.

Ever since Sarah moved, it's been tough keeping up with the day-to-day health of her older parents, who have some health issues.
She’s the one in her family who keeps tabs on everyone. But, with life so busy with work and her own family, the move has made keeping up with her folks even more stressful.
"How can I be sure the next specialist has the right information if I can't be there?" Unable to stay on top of her parents' health developments, Sarah feels she's letting everyone down. That was until she found ICmedTM. Now Sarah has a private, secure place where her family can manage health information. If Mom goes to a new specialist, or someone is hospitalized, Sarah can remain connected and helpful no matter where she happens to be.
"I don't know how we managed before," says Sarah. "We're more connected now than when I lived across town!"..

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