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Better Medication Adherence

Our medication adherence module combines encouragement from family, and caregivers with appropriate technology, including automated reminders, like text, emails, and other alerts when medications are not taken as prescribed.

"Medication adherence is a pervasive global hidden epidemic with devastating health and economic consequences with the World Health Organization calling poor adherence a "worldwide problem of striking magnitude."

"Medication adherence rates for patients in the US with cardiovascular disease are estimated around 50% with an annual cost for nonadherence over $100 billion."

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Address the $300 Billion Medication Nonadherence Problem

ICmed, wants to help and we're willing to demonstrate our dedication to addressing this issue by providing a unique offer. For a limited time, we're looking to engage organizations like yours in a no-obligation pilot initiative. By engaging with ICmed you'll gain access to a secure, cutting edge technology platform that includes the features below - and much more. To learn more about this opportunity by speaking with a member of our medical team please complete the form below. [Pilot ICmed Enterprise Now]

Activate The Power Of The Family

The ICmed mobile application makes it easy for family members - as well as caregivers - to monitor the medication adherence of those they care for and remind them of the importance of taking their medication.

Automated Medication Reminders

Using the ICmed mobile application, patients and their family care team can receive automated reminders to take their medications so they can assume greater control of their health.

Medication Insight That Improves Outcomes

With ICmed's Enterprise Platform your organization will have access to a population health dashboard that will provide insight into the medication compliance of your patient population - both in aggregate and per individual.

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It used to be impossible to help my son take his medications. Now with ICmed, he controls his own health. Now we are closer than ever.

"Medication adherence rates For patients in the US with cardiovascular disease, medication adherence rates are estimated around 50% with an annual cost for nonadherence over $100 billion."


Adherence Rates


Cost for nonadherence

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Personalized Evidence-based
Health Education

Adherence in Diabetes Mellitus CMS reports medication adherence in Diabetes Mellitus at 77% with a total estimated health cost in 2012 for nonadherence of $245 billion. Studies with diabetes patients have indicated as high as 28.9% decrease in annual costs with every 10% increase in medication adherence. - Balkrishnan 2003; Roebuck 2014"

Diabetes Medications Adherence




Cost of



With a


boost in adherence

Decrease of


annual costs

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Better Outcomes, Lower Costs
Increased Income

In 2013 CMS began reimbursing healthcare systems for performance on medical adherence using a star rating system of evaluation. A 3-star rating provided no incentive, but as the proportion of adherent patients increased, the economic incentives increased. For example, for a Medicare Advantage Plan with 1 million members, moving from a 3-star to a 5-star rating would boost revenue by approximately $200 million.

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