ICmed Medication Tracker



August 10, 2018

ICmed Medication Tracker

Never be lost for words when your doctor asks you, “What are your current and past medications?”

One benefit to tracking your pills is to avoid serious problems to your health and money. You can store and track your medications information in ICmed medication feature. Below is quick view video on the medication feature.

The Medication feature options are:

  • Reminder: the option to schedule your medications with alerts reminding you to take your medication.
  • Sharing: the option to share your medication list and pill schedule with your family or caregivers.
  • Archive: once you no longer use a prescription, simply press archive and store your medication for future reference. REMEMBER, your doctors would want to know what you were prescribed, past and present; even the medications that did not work.

Track more than just your pills! Here is a blog on how you can use the medication tracker to keep a record of which your skin care, fitness pills and other OTC products work for your body.

When your meds are conveniently stored in ICmed, you will always have your medication information and history to refer to wherever you or your family go.